Big Brother Awards Spain 2003

Who we are

The BBA Spain (itīs a tradition to keep the name and country in english) awards are held in Spain for the first time this year 2.002. The organizing entity is CPSR-Spain, the spanish chapter of CPSR . CPSR was born in the 80s as a response from the US computer professional community agains president Reaganīs "star wars" defense program. Since then, CPSR has diversified its effors, joining in the fight for privacy rights in an increasingly "big-brotherized" world. CPSR-Spain is the first CPSR chapter in the Old Continent.

The jury is made up of 8-12 men and women, coming from a broad range of activities, all related to privacy and human rights: lawyers, journalists, activists, consumer defenders, computer experts, etc. The jurry picks up the nominations send by the people online, and makes a list of four nominees in each categories.

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