Big Brother Awards Spain 2003

Ediciones Anteriores : BBA Spain 2002

Daniel García-Andújar
One of the best-known spanish electronic artists. He´s in the artistic current known as artivism; that is, artistic projec having as its main function the transmission of activist messages, vindicating the public and activist side of the Internet. His political-curtural debate portals are to be remarked, such as for debates on the cultural management of the Valencia Genralitat [regional government], and also his artistic project Technologies to the people
Amaya comes from the free software world, being a member of the Directive Board of Hispalinux, and also a Debial developer.
William González
Better known as Maky, he´s the editor and webmaster of MakyPress, an electronic bulletin with "news for, by and netizens". From his webpages, Maky has been a strong supporter of ciber-rights and an important vehicle of alternative news related with plane rate and against the LSSI [Law on Information Society Services].
Arturo Quirantes
Physics teacher at the University of Granada Meiber of CPSR-Spain. He leads the webpage Taller de Criptografía [Crypto workshop] and he´s the editor of the electronic publication "ENIGMA Bulletin" He does freelance writing at
Merce Molist
Journalist specialized in Internet. Currently working at the Ciberpais. Member of CPSR-ES.
Miquel Barceló
Engineer and teacher at the Computer Science Faculty of the Catalonia Politechnical University. Thanks to a teaching subject on social responsibility of computer professionals, Barceló has helped much in popularizing ciber-rights and electronic activism among the Polytechinc students. He´s also a member of the Tecnoethical Institute, a foundation which studies the social and ethical implications of the new information technologies.
Javier Villate
Internet-specialized journalist. Currently collaborating at and the Observatory on Cyber-society. Ex-member of Electronic Frontiers Spain [not related to EFF].
Manuel Erzoto
From different netizen platforms, he´s been -and still is- a dedicated fighter for plane rate and cyber-rights in Spain. He´s of the driving forces of [mienten = they´re lying], an e-publication born to show the contradictions of the current Spanish government as long as cyber-rights are concerned, with specific references to the LSSI.
Alberto Escudero

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